Behind every successful family enterprise is a strong cohesive family

We help families achieve their fullest potential to grow and sustain their enterprises.

Behind every successful family enterprise is a strong cohesive family

We help families achieve their fullest potential to grow and sustain their enterprises.

Who We Are

The Business Family House is an advisory firm specialized in supporting business families

Working exclusively with business families, The Business Family House provides value-added solutions to the most pressing matters that families face.

Our Philosophy

We provide you with the best expertise in the field of family businesses

We bring you top experts of family business from the Kingdom, together with the most renowned global experts in the field to support you achieve your objectives, grow, prosper, and sustain.

We are here to help you in your journey of building ownership capacity to achieve your long-term objectives

Family businesses are different because the family is in the business. With family comes emotions of love, care trust, and purpose. At the same time, families experience difficult family dynamics that influence their relationships to each other and to the business. It’s the family that makes or breaks the family enterprise.

A strong healthy family balances the interests of individual family members and the whole family in the long term. In doing so, the family brings valuable resources to the businesses and plays a central role in its longevity.

Our Services

Diagnosis of your Family Enterprise System
Family enterprises are different from non-family businesses in that the family is involved in the ownership and governance of the enterprise, bringing unique resources such as financial capital and talent, but also diverging interests, conflicts, and financial demands. This can lead to long-term risks and opportunities that impacts performance and sustainability.
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Owner Strategy and Governance
As families and businesses grow in size and complexity, they start facing new challenges. At this stage, the need to translate informal norms and ways of doing business to formal governance structures and processes is essential for continuity and protection against conflicts.
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NextGen Development
Most business families have the intention and objective to sustain the family enterprise for many generations to come. However, global studies show that the interest of the NextGen to join their family enterprises is decreasing. The need to keep the NextGen interested and to prepare them for their future roles as responsible owners, stewards, and potentially leaders of the family enterprise is crucial to achieve smooth transition from one generation to the next. Common questions that business families face
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Generational Transition
Generational transitions are essential for continuity of family enterprises, but are emotional, cultural, and family related and could potentially reshape the power structure around the business. Without making key decisions and planning for the process, there is a risk of conflicts and uninterested NextGen. To ensure a smooth transition, both the Now and the Next generations must engage in a collaborative and systemic process.
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Alignment and Communication
Families grow over time, and the roles held by family members in the family enterprise become more diverse. This presents new challenges for business families, as individuals holding different roles often have different interests and priorities. Communication between family members becomes increasingly difficult due to cultural, emotional, structural, or procedural reasons. Effective communication is key for preventing conflict and legal disputes, but it is difficult without a moderator.
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Expert Support & Coaching
Many families have put a lot of time and efforts defining their ownership strategy and governance structures and processes. However, because many of these structures and policies are specific in nature, many business families find it hard to initiate implementation. On the other hand, NextGen members often face challenges in finding their way into the family enterprise. Both areas present new challenges for members in business families as they navigate their day-today work, performing their roles in the family enterprise and activating its new governance structures and policies.
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