We tailor our services and approaches to the specific needs of business families

Diagnosis of your
Family Enterprise System

Our diagnosis process helps the family identify their risks, strengths, and priorities as well as find solutions to mitigate future risks, benefit from strengths, and exploit opportunities.

Owner Strategy
and Governance

Our owner strategy and governance service helps families make important decisions, identify objectives, design ownership and corporate governance structures, and build a strong family base.

Generational Transition

Our work on generational transition helps families decide when and how to transfer ownership, organize the process of transferring shares, and prepare their next generation for responsible ownership. We also help identify and prepare the next generation of leaders, find a fair process for electing them, and develop an action plan to make the transition smooth.

NextGen Development

Our Next Generation Development service helps families define the role they wish for their next generation to play in the family enterprise, assess their interest and ability, and create a development plan to enable them to reach their full potential as responsible owners, governors, leaders, or contributing citizens.

and Communication

Our work on building alignment and enhancing communication helps families understand the sources and nature of misalignment, understand the normal nature of differences, and identify the best ways to deal with differences in a constructive manner.

Expert Support
and Coaching

Providing our experts’ support helps your family members in navigating the day-to-day challenges they are facing. Our experts can help family members address practical challenges and turn them into success.