Successful generational transitions are at the heart of family business continuity. We help you initiate and smoothly implement your generational transition

Generational Transition

Generational transitions are essential for continuity of family enterprises, but are emotional, cultural, and family related and could potentially reshape the power structure around the business. Without making key decisions and planning for the process, there is a risk of conflicts and uninterested NextGen. To ensure a smooth transition, both the Now and the Next generations must engage in a collaborative and systemic process.

Common questions that business families face

Our work on generational transition helps families decide when and how to transfer ownership, organize the process of transferring shares, and prepare their next generation for responsible ownership. We also help identify and prepare the next generation of leaders, find a fair process for electing them, and develop an action plan to make the transition smooth.

Potential outcomes of our Generational Transition service for you family enterprise