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Fit for the Future

The Business Family House Annual Forum Report

In an era of global transitions, new opportunities and new challenges emerge for business families and their next generations. As family enterprises continue to navigate in an ever-changing business environment, transitions present a unique opportunity for NextGen leaders to step up and influence the future of their family enterprise through innovation, entrepreneurship, institutionalization, diversification, and much more. The task, however, is not without challenges. It can be difficult for NextGen members to acquire and legitimize a position in the family enterprise where they can employ their skills, create value, and lead the change. The Business Family House (BFH) in affiliation with the National Centre for Family Businesses, jointly gathered and hosted many NextGen family members, Family Business Leaders, Family Business Experts, to the two-day activity filled series of roundtable discussions centered on ensuring GCC family business sustainability and continuity, navigating through diverse challenges and potential solutions that family businesses may encounter.